Seeking Used Smartphone

I am trying to help a dear friend (who doesn't have a lot of extra
cash) get a smartphone (that works with Verizon), as it'd really help
her with her job. Does anyone have one they do not need that she could
have for $30 or less? I know that's not a lot but the phone would be
very much appreciated.

iPod gets snagged while cleaning the house

Hi Hipsters,

I think of this as a domestic topic but I'm not sure if it truly qualifies- so feel free to remove it if so. I use my iPod every morning when I clean the house. It gets snagged on EVERYTHING and gets yanked out of my ears. And, the player itself falls out of the armband I have, or out of my pocket, etc.

So I guess it's clear I need two things:
1. Does anyone have a handy solutions to snagging cords? I'm thinking maybe some domestic goddesses can think of a creative cheap or free solution, as you guys have often done for other things.
2. A way to keep it from falling that doesn't involve sewing. Some of those cases are so ridiculously expensive and they don't really work- the ipod clip just gets unhooked from my pants when the cord snags or I lean too far...

Feel free to reply to this thread or send me a private message.

Thanks much,

Question for yogurt making people

This morning I got the milk all set (I don't use a fancy yogurt maker), but then accidentally spilled blueberry juice in the bit of starter culture I meant to mix in to the milk in a bowl. I tried hard to just scoop out enough yogurt from the starter bowl, that visually wasn't tainted by blueberries. We'll see how the yogurt turns out, but it's not going to kill me or anything if a trace amount blueberry juice was in the culture, is it?
Paranoid in Poughkeepsie :)

Serving sizes question

I'm making traditional chicken noodle soup for nine people. I have two of the larger- 6qt. crockpots. I have no idea how many this would serve- I always get really anxious about portion size for some reason. Could anyone take a very good guess for me? I would be so grateful. I'm wondering also if there will be enough left for my hubby and I to each have a bowl ourselves (in addition to the nine people).
Thank you,

This Saturday - Goddess Tara blesses your pet in Ann Arbor!

It doesn't matter whether you're a Buddhist or not, just come with an openness and desire to benefit you and your pet! So bring your poodle, your kitteh, your goldfish, or other pet this Saturday to Tsogyelgar Dharma Center, 11AM. free!

To re-enchant the world with the wonder of wisdom bliss is the activity of the Bodhisattvas. Down to the bone, in the marrow of our lives, we long to feel the interbeing of all life. To participate in a Pet Blessing is a step toward realizing the unfathomable depth of our connection with all life..... a step toward becoming fully human. Bring a pet, dog, cat, bird, turtle .......... let the blessing power of the Goddess Tara shower over it!

Tsochen Khandro is a Buddhist master of the Nyingmapa Tradition, Tulku (or reincarnation) of the Dakini Losel Dronma of Golok Tibet. From her earliest youth she displayed an uncommon connection to animals. Her compassion, mastery of mantric song, simple unpretentious style make her a blessing to all beings. Tsochen Khandro does not “teach” but is simply a presence of kindness and wisdom.

Please make sure your dog is on a leash, and your cat in a carrier or on a leash, and all other pets in some kind of container.

Huge Ann Arbor Garage Sale this Weekend!

BIG garage sale in downtown Ann Arbor - This Friday and Saturday
Please come to our Garage Sale!
You know you want cool but cheap stuff for your house!

619 Felch St (between Fountain and Miner)
Fri and Sat May 29th and 30th
9am to 3pm
Wood Burning Stove
Microwaves (2)
Office Chair
Vacuums (2)
Lamps (several)
Air Hockey table
Full or Queen Bed
Much More! Come have a look! Get cool stuff without spending ridiculous amounts of money!

Shopping education/clothing consultant

A friend of a friend is starting a business as a stylist:

She is really good and works with normal women- you don't have to be rich or fashionable and you won't come out looking trendy and paying too much for clothes.

I needed remedial clothing advice (my co-workers all dress really well, and I surely didn't). So I worked a bunch with Autumn, and now I am so much happier about the "having to wear clothes" thing!

Text looks fuzzy even with anti-aliasing in Photoshop

oops- thought I was posting this to a group!


I hope this is a good place to post a Photoshop question- if not, could someone please suggest where I could go for advice? I would really appreciate it.

I’ve had this problem when making text layers in Photoshop where the text looks pixilated, no matter what type of anti-aliasing I have set. Do you know why or how to fix this? I’ve asked several people and no one knows.

Thanks so much,

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Well Dollhouse was even more disturbing than usual this time. Sometimes it's disturbing in an "I don't need to see this" way, and sometimes in a "kinda makes you think" way. This time it was both.